Custom Pet Blanket
Custom Pet Blanket
Custom Pet Blanket
Custom Pet Blanket
Custom Pet Blanket
Custom Pet Blanket

Custom Pet Blanket


What’s better than cuddling with your pets?

Being WRAPPED in your pet WHILE cuddling with your pet. Double cuddle.

Our Custom Pet Blanket is the perfect gift for you, a friend, or family! Our blankets are known to bring tears to customers eyes (literally). Our one of a kind hand drawn artwork of your pet on a blanket is the perfect gift for you, or someone you love to cherish forever!

They’re a great gift idea and a perfect addition to your home!

Ordering is so EASY and SIMPLE:

  1. Select your background color
  2. Upload a photo of your furry cutie
  3. One of our first class, award-winning artist will turn your photo into a custom masterpiece.
  4. We print, and ship. Your pet is immortalized!

Our Custom Pet Print Fleece Award Winning Features:

  • A cosy, soft and warm fleece material.
  • Snuggle time with your fur baby will be so cute and comfy!
  • The perfect gift for a pet owner.
  • You upload a pic of your pet and we create unique pet art to be printed onto your blanket.

Have questions about whether your photo will work? Email it to and we'll get back to you in 24hrs.

Our 100% Guarantee:

We offer the highest quality, custom artwork on the internet no doubt! No one can match our quality - hand-made in America, artwork printed on the highest quality materials we can source.

Our customer service team will do whatever it takes to help you with any issues that arrive, or questions you might have - 100% no risk - 24/7/365 we are here for YOU!