What is the Pet Unlimited Guarantee?
If you received the wrong product, size of print, or your product was damaged in transit, we will replace it without question. In addition, if we determine that the art is faulty, we will replace the product. You can receive a full refund if you cancel your order within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the cancellation will be granted at our discretion, minus a 50% fee. 

What is your return/exchange policy?
At Pet Unlimited, we strive to offer you the most realistic, highest quality portraits possible. Before being shipped, all orders pass through an artwork quality check and a product quality check. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please see our policies here: Pet Unlimited

Are there any guidelines to the photo I need to upload?

Yes! See our photo guidelines HERE.  

Can I see a preview of my product before I purchase or before it ships?

Your picture is crafted by one of our quality approved designers. So no, due to the custom nature of our products, we are unable to provide a quick preview of your product beforehand. 

Can I request something that isn’t already offered on the website? Or something custom? (i.e. a family portrait, portrait with more than two people, a celebrity, my heritage, etc.)

We are always working on new templates and love to hear our customer’s suggestions. That said, we only offer the templates that are currently on our website. We cannot create any custom portraits at this time. We also cannot add anything additional requests/edits to your portrait. 


Can I order a size other than what’s on the website?

No, at this time we currently offer 8" x 10", 12" x 18", or 18" x 24”.


Is the picture I sent fine?

We go through many quality checks throughout the process. If for any reason there is an issue with the photo you have provided, our team will reach out and request a new photo be sent. 


What happens if I submit a bad photo?

It is your responsibility to submit a high-quality photo that adheres to our Photo Guidelines. Low-quality photos will result in low-quality artwork. If you are unable to submit a new photo, you will receive a 50% refund or 100% store credit.

I didn’t purchase the digital file when I originally placed my order, can I add it now?

Yes! Please place a separate order for the digital file and reference your original order in the notes section. Once we have this information our team will then be able to send you the digital file!

Will I be able to download it to my phone?

You will be able to download it, only if you buy the additional digital download at the checkout, which will then be sent to you via email once your portrait has been designed by the team.

I’m having trouble uploading my photo. Can I just email it to you?

Yes, if you could just place in the notes section at checkout that you will be sending an image on email. Then once you have placed an order can you send the image along with your order number. 

How long is shipping?

Each order takes roughly 2-4 weeks to be delivered. Your image is passed on to real artists and designers to create your digital file which is then printed on our premium canvases before being shipped to you. 

*Please note that international orders could potentially experience delays of up to 14-30 days due to COVID-19.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

We do offer 'skip the queue artwork creation". This shipping option speeds up your artwork creation, as we move your photo to the front of the queue for our artists. This does not speed up the courier's shipping time. 


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Charges and shipping times are as follows:

USA: $8.95 | 3-5 working days

CA, AUS, UK: $14.95 | 5-8 working days

Europe: $14.95 | 5-10 working days

Rest of the world: $17.95 | 10-21 working days 

*Please note that international orders could potentially experience delays of up to 14-30 days due to COVID-19.


Will there be a custom/import fee?

Upon delivery of your order, you may be responsible for custom/import fees. Unfortunately, we have no control over your country’s current fees and are unable to pay them on your behalf.